Optimus Prime,Support hanger Industry leading brand
20 years of experience,Four core advantages
    Reliable product quality
  • The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and obtained the certificate of quality system certification...
  • All kinds of operators are professionally trained and certified.
    Advanced equipment
  • The company has advanced hangers and hangers to form an automatic cold rolling production line...
    Professional team
  • In the process of engineering installation, the company sends technical personnel and technicians to communicate with the...
    Professional after-sale service
  • Sichuan Optimus Prime hanger Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in Chengdu, in the service of southwest and Sichuan...
    • Optimus Prime
    • Professional Design
    • of support hanger
    Design of aseismic support hanger
    • Reliable quality
    • Professional team
    • Advanced equipment
    • Professional after-sale service
About Us
Design · Manufacture · erection

Sichuan Optimus Prime hanger Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Chengdu modern industrial port of "land of abundance". It is a company specializing in the research and design, production and installation of various kinds of pipeline, wind pipe, aseismic hanger, cable bridge and penda...

Qualifications and honors
Optimus Prime, it will be your good choice!
It has its own production plant, professional anti seismic
support and hanger design and research group
team, and its professional skills are tough.
National consulting hotline:
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8/5000 Optimus prime.
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