Using a message board

1. Keep your messages to do with chemistry or at least science.

2. Use your first name.  This is a community in which hiding behind a false name does not count for much.  If your name is false how true are the other messages that you post.

3. Include your e-mail address.

4. If a message is only relevant to one person then send it to them using e-mail.

5. Do not post any rude messages.

6. Post messages which say what you know about chemistry (or science).  If you can tell someone else what you know then you probably know it really well. If you do not understand well someone may help you.

7. Post questions about the chemistry that you are learning.  Make it a question for which you do not know the answer but need to know.

8. Post answers to questions as follow ups.

9. Post follow ups to what others say they know about chemistry.  Say why you think that they are correct or why you think that they are wrong.

10. Remember you are not making a comment on a person but are making a comment on what they say.