AS and A2 GCE Chemistry

AS GCE Chemistry

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Unit 1 Structure,bonding and main group chemistry
Topic 1.1 Atomic structure     summary notes    test  1.1
Topic 1.2 Formulae, equations and moles     summary notes  test  1.2 
Topic 1.3 structure and bonding      summary notes   test 1.3
Topic 1.4 Periodic Table 1      summary notes
Topic 1.5 Introduction to oxidation and reduction      summary notes
Topic 1.6 Group 1 (lithium to caesium) and Group 2 (beryllium to barium)      summary notes
Topic 1.7 Group 7 (chlorine to iodine)      summary notes
Module 1 exam questions        June 95          June 96
Module 1 answers             June 95      June 96

Unit 2 Introductory organic chemistry, energetics, kinetics and equilibrium and applications
Topic 2.1 Energetics I      summary notes   
Topic 2.2 Organic chemistry I (introduction, alkanes, alkenes, halgenoalkanes and alcohols)    summary notes
Topic 2.3 Kinetics I      summary notes
Topic 2.4 Chemical equilibria I      summary notes   test 2.4
Topic 2.5 Industrial inorganic chemistry      summary notes
Module 2 exam questions         Jun 98        Jan 99    June 99
Module 3 exam questions      Jan 98          June98
Module 3 answers                 Jan98
Unit 2 Test                            specimen

Unit 3 Laboratory chemistry I
Topic 3.1A Assessment of experimental skills I      summary notes
Topic 3.1B Laboratory chemistry      summary notes

A2 GCE Chemistry

Unit 4 Periodicity, quantitative equilibria and functional group chemistry
Topic 4.1 energetics II      summary notes
Topic 4.2 Periodic table II (period 3 and group 4)        summary notes
Topic 4.3 Chemical equilibia II      summary notes
Topic 4.4 Acid-base equilibria      summary notes
Topic 4.5 Organic chemistry II (acids, esters, carbonyl compounds, acid chlorides, nitrogen compounds and further halogeno compounds)        summary notes

Unit 5 Transition metals, quantitative kinetics and applied organic chemistry
Topic 5.1 Redox equilibria   (applications)        summary notes
Topic 5.2 Transition metal chemistry       summary notes
Topic 5.3 Organic chemistry III (reaction mechanisms and aromatic compounds)      summary notes
Topic 5.4 Chemical kinetics II      summary notes
Topic 5.5 Organic chemistry IV (analysis, synthesis and applications)      summary notes
Module 4 exam questions      Jan 98        June 98

Unit 6 Laboratory chemistry II
6.1A Assessment of experimental skills II      summary notes
6.1B Synoptic      summary notes